me when people say they don’t like bjork:

They were so innocent.


Простые движения!




Sometimes I remember how crazy it was that t.A.T.u made a music video actually containing real footage of Yulia masturbating.

You see all these “controversial” artist with music videoes with sex in them, but those are actors, it’s an act. Yulia actually did it here. In a hotel room somewhere in Germany. I believe she was 17. On Vanya’s command.

Yeah it totally creeps me out that Ivan filmed this & that it’s in a regular music video. And people think Wrecking Ball is outrageous!

I know! If someone is naked in a music video it’s all crazy, but this is the real thing. I have seen people saying she maybe faked it, but I don’t think she could fake it as this. You literally see the whole body tensing, that she is totally gone. You see it in her eyes.

Also, the clips used in prostie dvizheniya is far from the “worst” scenes from what Vanya filmed. There are some clips where she is moving a lot more, having no control over herself, those were never picked out for the music video. There is NO WAY she faked.


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